Slave Rules

~Slave Rules of Steel Dawn~

The Slave Rules of Steel Dawn will evolve. As the room grows, it would be well to check from time to time for any additions or amendments.

0. No P/person (Master/Mistress or slave) may require of a slave in Steel Dawn any personal, real world information. While contact information must be provided to Tavern Owner Trepan Dar, and Tavern Operator , no P/person may exercise control over anything a slave does outside of Gor ... this includes sending and/or receiving e-mail and ICQ. A/any that attempt to are subject to being banned from Steel Dawn and Fantasy Castle.

1. All Free Persons are to be addressed as Master or Mistress, unless told otherwise by that Free. If you cannot be absolutely certain of the gender from the name, use Master.

2. Speak to and serve every Master and Mistress as though your continued well being depends on being found pleasing.

3 A Free Person may not always be right, but He/She is, by definition, NEVER WRONG. A slave who argues with a Free will be dealt with swiftly. In any disagreement a slave has the last words ... they are "Yes Master".

4. Jealousy and possessiveness have no place in a slave's life.

5. Slaves use third person in speech. I, me, mine are not used.

6. your kolar carries the honor of your Owner. our actions reflect upon Him/Her, positively or negatively.

7. If None require service, SD slaves should perform their assigned chores and generally keep busy. Visiting slaves may perform small tasks as well. Don't be idle but do have fun.

8. Slaves possess nothing not given to them by their Owner. If any other Free gives a slave a gift, the slave should tell their Owner as soon as possible and ask if it can be kept. What is given can just as easily be taken away.

9. Do not greet or acknowledge the presence of a slave until she/he has been granted permission to enter.

10."Thinking" is the same as speaking aloud ... slaves do not "wonder why" a Free does or does not do anything. This is an implied criticism and will not be tolerated.

11. Slaves must kneel prostrate and beg to enter (see [Slave Positions]). They must beg permission to leave and always use the logoff button. If your name is in the box a Free has the right to expect you to be there.

12. When in SD, slaves are not permitted to be anywhere else ... not in another room in FantasyCastle or any other site. SD deserves and demands your total attention.

13. The Steel Dawn's First Girl (FG) is to be obeyed as if she were a Freeperson when no Free is present. Her council, even when Freepersons are present is to be heeded. Do not ignore her PMs to you. Un her absence the SG is to be heeded.

14. When serving a Freeperson all of your attention is to be focussed on Him/Her. Do not greet or take note of the conversations about you.

15. Slave heat is to be used only if that slave wants to entice that Master. If you use your heat, be prepared to be used as a slave.

16. A slave never displays slave heat to a Mistress. Thighs always modestly closed. This includes when a Mistress is in the furs of a Master you are serving. Serve in tower.

17. There is to be no intimacy between slaves for their pleasure. It must be at the request of a Free Man. This does not mean a kiss and hug in greetings of a sister but fondling and other intimacies must be at the specific request of a Master.

18. A slave should respond at once to any command with Yes Master/Mistress to let the Free know that the request was heard and heeded. This acknowledgment is not part of the serve, merely a common sense courtesy.

19. Steel Dawn has a kitchen, not a servery.

20. The "old language" is not used in Steel Dawn. Words like jashi, rask, nidan and jerag are not part of the language and not to be used.

21. If moatie or the urts take a girl away, she need not beg entry if back within 15 minutes.

22. Unkolared slaves do not offer to serve in Steel Dawn unless they are known to be competent and have been given permission before asking.

23. Permission to PM Anyone, slave or Free should be asked publicly unless that person has given permission to PM at any time. White silk slaves of SD are not permitted to receive PMs from the Free or any slaves but their SD sisters.

24. Slaves should take any questions to the FG or SG first. If they can't handle it, it will be passed it on to the Masters. Please note: If an issue is serious enough, A/anyone may contact Steel Dawn's Priest King, Berzerk , with the problem. Do not bring penny-ante problems to the Priest King!

25. Slaves do not approach a Free Person's furs unless summoned. Request to serve from the slave furs or wherever you are at the time.

These slave rules are here to make life easier for all slaves who enter Steel Dawn. Knowing what is expected of you makes for a pleasant visit. And one more rule ... relax ... enjoy ... have fun.

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