Some Basic Ideas and Rules While In Steel Dawn and on Gor

Gorean means something different to to each of us. Online Gor will never be the Gor written about in the books, that is impossible. So we have taken what we can from the books and adapted what we need to for on-line activities. In all cases, log in using a name, not a discription and nothing sexual or indicating a minor or drugs might be involved. Here goes:

Masters Nicknames all begin with CAPITAL letters, while slaves have lower case letters in their nicknames, except for their collar, which their master gives them. An example: in a slave with the nick kajira{WG} would have the name of kajira and the collar of {WG}. {WG} is the collar of the homestone/camp or owner. They are protected by the owner or tavern, and answer first and foremost to them. A kajira with a collar such as white{WG}~wt~ is called a white silk kajira, she cannot sexually satisfy another master but her own. In the case of a tavern white silk, that falls to the tavern owner. Slaves may have additional restrictions placed on them by their Owners.
Concerning Steel Dawn: No Steel Dawn slave is to sexually satisfy Any without prior price set and agreement made with Tavern Owner Trepan Dar, or Tavern Operator. Slaves may only be sold by their Owners. In the case of Tavern slaves, the Tavern Owner. See more on this below. Please note: A/anyone may contact Steel Dawn's Priest King, Berzerk who continues to oversee all Gor in FantasyCastle, but do not bring penny-ante problems to the Priest King!

And as a reminder to any Masters, a kajira is loyal to her Master, and listens to Him or Her first. The kajira's Master's order takes precedence over another Masters orders. As an example, if the Tavern Owner or Operator enters and greets Tavern slaves, they will greet their Master without asking permission even if at the feet of Another. Another example might be, if Master tells kajira{M}w that she may play in the grotto if they are not disrupting the tavern, then she does not need to ask permission after every One.

A few basic rules while in the Tavern:

1. Unkolared slaves would never happen in Gor but we're not on Gor ... we're online-Gor so it will happen ... and they are protected in Steel Dawn by Trepan Dar, and by the Priest Kings . It is, however, suggested they:
a. Come in wearing a ~o~ kolar. The ~o~ it is a kolar for just the time that you are in the site and once you leave you may remove the kolar. We don't force an unwelcome kolar on a slave but this is suggested so we keep Steel Dawn as book-Gorean as possible.
b. Come in as a Free Person. In most cases we are talking of a girl, as there are not many thralls running loose in Gor. To some it would seem that we are promoting switching but not really as in Gor a woman is found in one of two states either Free or slave and as such the choice is given.

2. Steel Dawn is a safe haven. The room is No Capture / No Kill and additionally, Face Stripping is not allowed. Any exceptions to this must be from the local Priest King, Tavern Owner Trepan Dar, or Tavern Operator.

3. Once a slave is in Steel Dawn they can beg a {SD} kolar. They will receive training and are expected to spend time learning. After two weeks they can beg for release and leave Steel Dawn or continue training in the {SD} kolar for an additional two weeks. At the end of the month they must take a {SD} kolar or drop it. After they have been in a {SD} kolar for an additional month a Master/Mistress can talk with the Tavern Owner or Operator about purchasing the slave. Before any are sold they must reach a certain level in training. And one of the requirements of a sale would be they remain in Steel Dawn. That means the Buyer must be a pledged Steel Dawn Patron and vows to put the girls back into SD kolars if He or She decides to move to another homestone. Any capture or submission of a slave outside of these guidelines and being placed in a personal kolar in Steel Dawn will be ruled invalid.

4. No slave trained by Steel Dawn will be sold to Any not pledged to SD. Unless special dispensation is made with the Priest King Berzerk, all sales stipulate slaves will not be re-sold outside of SD and if a Free leaves SD, the slaves He/She bought here revert back to SD kolars.

5. Making a realistic choice of Caste is up to each person but think hard about taking a Caste that is or is close to that of what you do in real life.

6. Batteries are not included.

7. No P/person (Master/Mistress or slave) may require of a slave in Steel Dawn any personal, real world information. While contact information must be provided to Tavern Owner Trepan Dar, and Tavern Operator, no P/person may exercise control over anything a slave does outside of Gor ... this includes sending and/or receiving e-mail and ICQ. A/any that attempt to are subject to being banned from Steel Dawn and Fantasy Castle.

8. NightsTarn is not a Master, he is a huge eagle that protects the Tavern from dangers.

9. A kajira must always ask permission to enter the Traven.

10. A kajira must always ask permission to leave the Traven.

11. A master cannot strike or punish another's kajira without that Master's permission. Caging the impudent slave of Another is permisable. The slave's Owner must be notified As Soon As Possible of the situation. Slaves are not to be physically punished in Steel Dawn unless the local Priest King, or Trepan Dar, is there to oversee. Otherwise, if physical punishment is nessessary, it is done in PMs.

12. Do not point directly at face when opening.

13. Those of you that use multi-names and wear multi kolars, beware ... you will no longer be tolerated in SD, take one name, wear one kolar and while in Gor be Gorean ... otherwise you will be muted here after a warning is given.

14. While not a standard rule, most Masters forbid their kajira from talking in whispers (private messages or DCC chats). If you wish to whisper to a kajira, ask her if it allowed, or ask her Master if he or she is in attendance.

15. Do not exceed more than three tablets in twenty-four hours, unless directed by a Doctor.

16. Do not refer to Tarn as Big Bird, his name is Tar, and he is not Yellow, and he has no imaginary snuffalufagus friend.

17. This is not a sex chat room, if you act as if you are in a sex room, you will be asked to leave. Sexual activity is carried on in whispers, not in the open room. If you are into incest, kiddy porn, teen porn, animal sex, or rape, you will be kicked and banned without warning.

18. This camp is 18+ if you are less than 18, and we will kick you with out warning.

19. Most of all, have fun!!!

There are also additional slave rules with links to them in SD. Both Freepersons and slaves should read (see [Slave Rules]).

Common drinks of Gor:

Bazi Tea : an herbal beverage served hot & heavily sugared; traditionally drunk 3 tiny cups at a time, in rapid succession.
Black Wine : coffee; traditionally served with red and yellow sugars and powdered bosk milk, and in tiny cups.
Ka-la-na : a very potent dry white or red wine, made from the fruit of the Ka-la-na tree.
Kal-da : alcoholic beverage made of ka- la-na wine diluted with citrus juices and mixed with strong spices, and served hot.
Paga (abbr. of Pagar-Sa-Tarna, lit. 'pleasure of the life-daughter'): grain-based, lumpy distilled hard liquor akin to whiskey; sometimes served warm, this is the drink most often served in Taverns.
Sul Paga: alcoholic beverage made from suls; akin to vodka.

Common Foods of Gor:

Bosk : large, shaggy, long-horned bovine similar to the Earth cow; cattle; served as beef is served.
Fish : many different varieties of fish are consumed. eg parsit - a silvery fish having brown stripes and wingfish - tiny blue salt-water fish with 4 poisonous spines on its dorsal fin; its liver is considered a delicacy in Turia.
Kes : a shrub whose salty, blue secondary roots are a main ingredient in sullage.
Kort : a rinded fruit of the Tahari; served sliced with melted cheese and nutmeg.
Larma : succulent fruit, rather like an apple; sometimes sliced and fried, and served with browned-honey sauce; offering a larma, real or imagined, by a slave girl to her master is a silent plea for the girl to be raped.
Ram-berries : small, succulent purple berries.
Sa-Tarna : grain, specifically wheat.
Sa-Tassna : meat; food in general.
Slave Porridge : a cold, unsweetened mixture of water and Sa-Tarna meal, on which slaves are fed; in Torvaldsland, it is called 'bond-maid gruel', and often mixed with pieces of chopped parsit fish.
Sorp : a shellfish, common esp. in the Vosk river, similar to an oyster; like an oyster.
Sul : starchy, golden-brown, vine-borne fruit; principal ingredient in sullage, a tuberous vegetable similar to the potato; often served sliced and fried.
Sullage : a soup made principally from suls, tur-pah, and kes, along with whatever else may be handy.
Tarsk : porcine animal akin to the Earth pig, having a bristly mane which runs down its spine to the base of the tail.
Tospit : a bitter, juicy citrus fruit.
Tur-pah : an edible tree parasite with curly, red, ovate leaves; grows on the tur tree; a main ingredient in sullage.
Vulo : a tawny-colored poultry bird, similar to a pigeon, which also exists in the wild, used for meat and eggs.

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